The HighWire Academy Application Form

The Closing Date for Applications is Wednesday 13th April 2016.

Once you have applied, you will be asked to undertake an online aptitude test at your convenience before the 13th Wednesday April 2016 at 10am.

Please submit your completed application by clicking the "Submit" button at the end of this form.

SECTION 1 - Eligibility Criteria

SECTION 2 - Education

Do you have a third level degree or above?

Do you have one of the following?

  • Degree 50% Related in IT
  • Training in IT

SECTION 3 - Additional Information

Convictions: Unprejudiced consideration will be given to candidates who declare conviction(s). Only offences which are manifestly incompatible with the post in question will result in candidates being excluded from consideration.

Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offence (other than those that would be considered spent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Order (NI) 1978)?

Please give details

Do you have any particular needs which will require consideration during the recruitment process?
(e.g. a learning difficulty, dyslexia, etc.)

If you have answered 'Yes' above, please give details of your particular needs.

Where did you see the HighWire Academy advertised?

Under the Assured Skills programme, the Department for Employment and Learning provide ‘Academy’ opportunities on a regular basis. If you wish to receive information regarding future Department for Employment and Learning, Assured Skills opportunities, please reply by indicating that you wish to have your name included on a list held by the Department. By ticking this box you are giving the Department permission to contact you when these opportunities arise:

If you require any particular adjustments because of a disability, please contact Mindmill here. Please note that it is essential that special arrangements concerning any matter are made in advance as retrospective arrangements cannot be made after the test has been completed. You will be asked to provide supporting documentation later in the selection process.

Applicants must either be an EU citizen or posess a current UK Tier 1 General Visa which entitles the holder to take up full time employment.